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Trados Studio 2019 Getting Started 1+2
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This course is designed for new users and will take you through the key features of Trados Studio 2019 so you can get started with your translations.
The 140 minute course consists of eight individual modules. The first module introduces you to CAT tool technology and the translation process. The remaining modules present you with the core features of Studio while translating a Word, PowerPoint and Excel document.
1. Introduction to CAT tools and the translation process (15 mins)
You will be shown:
  • what CAT technologies are
  • what benefits they can bring to your translation projects
  • where the different databases (translation memory, termbase & AutoSuggest dictionary) fit in to the translation process
2. Introducing the software (15 mins)
You will be shown:
  • the prerequisites needed
  • starting up the software for the first time
  • the user interface
  • how to select a file for translation along with the source and target languages
  • how to create a new translation memory
  • how to open an MS Word document 
3. Translating a single file (MS Word) - part 1 (20 mins)
You will be shown:
  • how to change the font size
  • how to confirm a segment
  • examples of translation memory matches
  • how number substitution works
  • how to apply formatting
  • how to add a termbase
  • how to insert a tag
4. Translating a single file (MS Word) - part 2 (20 mins)
You will be shown:
  • what is meant by the structure information
  • how to produce a preview
  • interactive preview in action
  • how to save a document
  • how to copy source to target 
  • the various tag view options
  • how to save a target file
5. Translating a single file (MS PowerPoint) (20 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • add an AutoSuggest dictionary
  • use an AutoSuggest dictionary
  • use date localization 
  • edit the source text
  • generate a PowerPoint preview
  • conduct a concordance search
  • merge segments 
  • show white space characters 
  • save an MS PowerPoint target document
6. Translating a single file (PDF) (20 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • open a PDF document
  • merge segments across paragraphs
  • analyze files
  • read an analysis report
  • preview a PDF document 
7. Translating a single file (MS Excel) (10 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • open an MS Excel document 
  • add a termbase
  • insert terms
  • show only term suggestions
  • preview an MS Excel document
8. Using segment fragments during translation (20 mins)
You will be shown:
  • what segment fragment matching is
  • how segment fragment matching works
  • how to use segment fragments
  • segment fragment matching for partial TUs
  • how to upgrade a translation memory
  • how to configure your project settings for fragment matches
  • partial fragment matches in action
This 120 minute course consists of seven individual training modules. This course is designed as a follow up to the Trados Studio Getting Started Part 1 course and covers the following functionality.
  • Working within the translation supply chain - using Trados Studio to process project packages (Trados Studio and WorldServer packages and GroupShare)
  • Delivering translation jobs to the supply chain
  • Creating TMs and termbases using legacy content (e.g. converting Excel glossaries, aligning already translated documents, and generating your own AutoSuggest dictionaries)
You should complete Trados Studio Getting Started Part 1 - Translating course before starting this course.
1. Customizing the user interface and introducing project packages (40 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • customize the user interface
  • open a project package and view the Analyze Files report
  • choose from several translation memory suggestions
  • use included resources within the project package 
  • display the full termbase entry and add terms 
  • customize the tag view and insert tags
  • use the tag verification
  • add comments
  • use the display filter
  • create a return project package and complete a project
2. WorldServer packages and GroupShare (15 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • open an WorldServer package
  • edit PerfectMatches
  • create a work in progress report
  • create and deliver an WorldServer return package
  • connect to GroupShare and open a GroupShare project
  • check out a GroupShare project
  • check in a GroupShare project
3. Aligning legacy files (25 mins)
You will be shown:
  • what is meant by alignment
  • how to align single and multiple file pairs
  • how to review the alignment results and confirm segments
  • how to split a segment
  • how to disconnect and edit a misalignment
  • how to insert a segment
  • how to import the alignment results
4. Creating AutoSuggest dictionaries and termbases (15 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • create your own AutoSuggest dictionary
  • create your own termbase from an Excel glossary
  • use MultiTerm convert and import content into a termbase
5. Legacy resources (10 mins)
You will be shown how to:
  • add your legacy language resources
  • use your legacy language resources
6. Fuzzy match repair (10 mins)
You will be shown:
  • what fuzzy match repair is
  • fuzzy match repair in action
7. AppStore (5 mins)
You will be shown:
  • how to download and install a plug-in from the SDL AppStore
  • how to use the newly installed plug-in


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