SDL MultiTerm 2019 Extract

SDL MultiTerm 2019 Extract

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Key Benefits: Accelerated ROI from SDL MultiTerm By 'priming' your SDL MultiTerm system with legacy data, you can enjoy the business benefits available from SDL MultiTerm from day one. SDL MultiTerm 2014 Extract automatically extracts a list of candidate terms and probable translations. Approved terms can then be transferred on-the-fly to a SDL MultiTerm termbase to be verified by a terminologist and/or domain expert.

User control through flexible design

The user can work directly with the automatic candidate extraction process by using a "Manual Extraction" feature within SDL MultiTerm 2011 Extract .

This gives the user complete control over the process, enhancing the quality and value of the overall results. Documentation QA made easier A "QA Project" option gives users a statistical overview of the extent to which the terminology, in the documentation to be translated, overlaps with the contents of a SDL MultiTerm termbase.

This statistical overview can help to assess the suitability of a given termbase for a given project or to assess the quality and consistency of a translator's work.

Key Features Powerful Term Extraction Functions

* Monolingual and bilingual term extraction

* Automatic terminology extraction process with manual options

* Multiple algorithmic settings (extract one and/or multiword terms, specify maximum number of extracted terms, maximum number of translations)

* Bilingual Concordance and filtering functionality

* Easy definition of project specific settings

* Support for excluded terms (including terms already stored in MultiTerm termbases) Term Validation and Exchange

* Term candidates? description can be enhanced with additional fields

* Multiple window display: Result list, Term Properties, Concordance

* Result lists can be easily transferred to MultiTerm termbases

* Result lists can be exported to MultiTerm XML format and/or Excel (tab-delimited) for further processing or for feeding into other applications. Specialist ?Project? Support Translation Project

* MultiTerm termbases may contain source terms that do not yet have a target language translation. Translation Project resolves this problem by analysing bilingual input documents for translations for these orphan source terms.

* Updates an existing termbase in MultiTerm by creating new translations, in one or more languages, for corresponding terms already stored in the termbase. QA Project

* Evaluates source document (monolingual) and translation (multilingual) quality by comparing the terms found in documents with those stored in the termbase.

* Provides statistical analyses of the usage of terms found in the project files, the project termbase and their respective translation(s). Dictionary Compilation Project

* Compiles a dictionary from one or more parallel texts in two languages.

* Can include all words and not just terms.

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